From ‘nowhere’ to ‘now here’: strategies for getting to a Post Capitalist world

.. it has become easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

Strategy # 1. The People’s take over

The largest planned economy in history is not the USSR, but the combined might of Amazon and Walmart.

Strategy # 2. The (real) sharing economy & peer to peer shenanigans

Strategy # 3. Prefigurative politics

“By asserting and creating multiple other ways of being in the world, these movements rob capital [or the state] of its monopolalistic and singular definitions of time, space and value, thereby destroying its hegemony, while at the same time furnishing new tools to address the complex set of problematic power relations it confronts us with from particular and embedded locations”. — Osterweil 2004

Strategy # 4. Accelerate

Strategy # 5. Voting and top down modes of change

From ‘nowhere’ to ‘now here’.

Reading list & references



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