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got to get it out somewhere

A year ago a small creature that was nesting inside me, left — with nothing tangible but some tiny pawprints on a piece of hospital card. And last night, so did another.


I couldn’t talk about it before because — hell I’m not a woman, not even clearly a human. I am trans-something, trans-everything. And I so struggled to find the words to consider, how I might be a parent or steward, but never a mother. What to do if you believe in , and yet suddenly your meat puppet turns into a factory? …

Open letter to leaders of US cities and states.

Dear Mayor / Leader / Governor […]

The recent murder of George Floyd by a member of the Minnesota Police Department, as well as the ongoing violence against black communities by the MPD, call for a structural rethinking of the role of policing in our society. Like you, we care deeply about safety and protection of rights, health. Our shared goals are a reduction in crime and a healthy, happy, thriving, and vibrant city.

As many studies have shown, securing our communities and preventing harm require action on multiple levels: mental…

Hurried notes from an abolitionist to the understandably skeptic ❤

If you know of community projects that are providing alternatives to the police, either in terms of harm prevention or alternative harm response, please fill this in so that we can collect a national map of these incredible projects, and direct funding to those who need or want it.

Can someone explain the argument for police abolition, rather than reform, to me?

Disclaimer — I am getting tagged in posts faster than I can respond, so I put this together at high speed. Please do send me notes for typos and corrections as it is not copy edited at all.

“Not so much…

Liquid democracy — I can’t vote. If you are on the fence about the DA vote, please cast your vote on my behalf.

❤ Vote Chesa Boudin for DA this election ❤

The ask

  1. Please vote for Chesa Boudin. This will bring San Francisco into the forefront of prison reform in the US, in a moment where social justice seems to be going backwards at an alarming rate (see below for my reasons).
  2. Please convince one other human you know to vote for Chesa. Talk to them in person, perhaps your housemate, or colleges. Just ask them if they know who they are voting for DA and ask them to vote for Chesa Boudin. Get that name in their minds.
  3. If this post moves you, please share it with the explicit request for 5…

“Homelessness in San Fransisco, it’s so terrible, but what can we do? It’s just so hard, such a complex issue”.

Honestly, I just don’t think it’s all that hard. It’s just that we are not really trying.

1 in 12 residential buildings in San Francisco is vacant, and kept that way by a range of factors. When the city tries to create housing shelters and resources, it’s often the local residents that shut it down. In the end, I find it hard to believe this is a tough problem to solve, I think our incentives are wrong. After 7 years of living in this city, I am unwilling to wait for someone else to solve this. …

According to 2013–2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, there are approximately 390,376 housing units in San Francisco. A study from SPUR in 2012 reported that around 30,000 residential units in SF are vacant. Vacant residential units. This doesn’t even include vacant commercial units.

The 2012 ACS reports a total vacancy number in San Francisco of roughly 30,000 units which consists of four basic categories of vacant units:

  1. Rental units that are in the process of being rented (“for rent”) or units that have been rented, but are not yet…

“It’s funny to appreciate a city from a jail bus, because it’s that very city that’s sending you away. And I mean all of it is sending you away — from the disciplinarians that fancy themselves educators, to the bullshit jobs that treat you like a crook from the first day, to the police who menace you everywhere you go. The city taught me the survival mechanisms it would ultimately punish me for. There’s no other way to understand it.” — Steven Powers, Facing Time.

Creating windows where there were once walls

For the last…

.. it has become easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

We have all read Jameson’s quote — it has become easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism [1]. That said the majority of citizens in the US are uncomfortable with the country’s economic foundation. We all know our system of capitalism is holding us trapped in this pyramid scheme, but at the same time, we seem to lack the ability to imagine how it ends, or what comes next. No wonder we are all on anxiety meds. Do we try to save capitalism or build something else? It seems evidence…

Communal living in a two bed apartment

Our space in Berlin was stunning. It’s a large space facing on the the U-bahn so that you can sit and watch the oldest train line in Berlin whizzle humans about the city. You can hear church bells ring, which is beautiful and also a regular reminder of things that the world needs. It’s chime is like a gong reminding me to hurry up and get on with the revolution.

Amazingly when I got there, I already knew people living very close by and there was an extended community of embassy people there already, that is, people who have been…

.. here is the snuff

Yes there is craigslist and room share and all those things. this is for people looking for other options. perhaps you can’t pay a deposit, or are booking from far away. Perhaps you can’t deal with a credit check or what have you. I send this list to people often and thought I’d just share it publicly ❤

:: Affordable monthly options

  1. These are pretty great affordable monthly options //

2. This group arrange rooms in shared houses with minimal fuss and they have rooms for $1350 in a range of different locations in SF.

3. Common also offer simple coliving solutions. The SF…

Zarinah Agnew

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