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Liquid democracy — I can’t vote. If you are on the fence about the DA vote, please cast your vote on my behalf.

❤ Vote Chesa Boudin for DA this election ❤

The ask

  1. Please vote for Chesa Boudin. This will bring San Francisco into the forefront of prison reform in the US, in a moment where social justice seems to be going backwards at an alarming rate (see below for my reasons).
  2. Please convince one other human you know to vote for Chesa…

: Bypassing the default world for returning citizens and the formerly incarcerated

“It’s funny to appreciate a city from a jail bus, because it’s that very city that’s sending you away. And I mean all of it is sending you away — from the disciplinarians that fancy themselves educators, to…

Communal living in a two bed apartment

Our space in Berlin was stunning. It’s a large space facing on the the U-bahn so that you can sit and watch the oldest train line in Berlin whizzle humans about the city. You can hear church bells ring, which is beautiful and also a regular reminder of things that…

Zarinah Agnew

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